Interested to know more about Sotirio’s Bar & Restaurant? Find out how we got started, and why we are so passionate about delivering the best, family run, restaurant dining experience. 


“My name is Costas Sotiriou, the founder of Sotirio’s Restaurant. I would like to begin by thanking you for taking an interest in what we do. My desire to pursue a career in fine dining began when I was just 12 years old, I spent my summers working away from my family home in London at my cousin’s restaurant in Great Yarmouth where we served mainly French Cuisine. Despite my appreciation for good food, my main source of enjoyment was interacting with people – something many of you know I still love to do today.

In 1985, at the age of 25 I moved to the beautiful county of Kent with the ambition of opening my own restaurant. Since then I have ran and owned many venues of different types in the area, exploring different avenues from my previous cabaret venue to night clubs and fine dining restaurants; continuously learning throughout. Being a family man myself I am extremely lucky to have 5 lovely children, 2 of which I have the privilege of working alongside: Lucas and Alex. Both started learning the trade at a similar age to myself and inevitably have the passion to follow in my path. Both of which have collaborated with my expert team of over 30 years, Michelle and Agnes, in creating a very unique venue in Folkestone. We are extremely fortunate enough to have a good variety of places to eat in Kent, this day and age efficient service with a smile is very hard to come by – we like to be a dining experience apart.”


Treat yourself this Friday to over 16 of our mouth-watering meze dishes. Must be requested before booking.